What Like Was Like...

Married Life

After they were married, Bernie was still kept busy as a sailor in the Navy.  In addition to this regular duties, he continued playing baseball on the Piney Point team. He also wrote sports updates for the Piney Point Barge newspaper Moored As Before. He often wrote peronnal comments inthe margins of the newspaper before sending them to Dorothy who kept them in a scrapbook. The September 25, 1943 issue that came out ten days following Dorothy and Bernie's marriage contained an article called typical Sailor's Marriage Ceremony. Next to he article Bernie had written, "This is pure coincidence, I hope!" It probably captures the lifestyle of many young couples at that time. 

"Wilt thou, Jack, have this woman as they wedded wife, to live together insofar as the Bureau of Navigtation will allow? Wilt thou love her, comfort, honor and keep her, take her to the movies and come home regularly to her on the 4:30 bus?"

"I will."

"Wilt thou, Jane, have this sailor as thy wedded husband, bearing in mind liberty hours, boat schedules, watches, sudden orders, uncertain mail communications, and all the other penalties of Navy life? Wilt thou obey him, honor him and wait for him, press his uniforms and let him smoke navy plug in the house?"

"I will."

"I, Jack, take thee, Jane, as my wedded wife from 4:30 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. as far as permitted by the Commanding Officer, liberty subject to change without notice, for better or for worse, for earlier, for later and I promise to send thee a weekly letter when on cruise."

"I, Jane, take thee, Jack, as my wedded husband, subject to the whims of the officer-of-the-deck, changing residence whenever the ship moves, to have and to hold just as long as my allotment comes regularly, and therefore I give my troth."

A little over a year later, Dorothy returned to Paris, Texas to await the birth of their first child. Dorothy was so small that no one could believe she was about to have a baby. In fact, when she showed up on the hospital steps they tried to send her home because they didn't believe she was about to give birth. But sure enough, a week after Dorothy celebrated her 23rd birthday she had tiny Patricia Anne on November 10, 1944.

Dorothy and baby Patsy rejoined Bernie in Washington D.C. for a short time. Finally, he was able to obtain a medical discharge from the Navy due to his ulcers.