100th Birthday Commemoration!

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Jan Mayer Ashley

Come join us for a 100th birthday tribute for Bernie Mayer! The celebration starts with a commemorative journey through his life. It's only a click away...

Aline, Bernie and Cecilia Mayer
1917 Photo of a pony ride in Oakland, California. Bernie and his two sisters.
Bernie loved Baseball!
Bernie started playing baseball as a young boy, and made his way through the Great Depression and World War II with his talent.
Sailor Bernie!
Bernie was drafted into the Navy during World War II. He trained in San Diego, California.
Bernie Meets Dorothy... and the rest is history.
Stationed in Piney Point, Maryland. Bernie and Dorothy met and married.
A day a the beach
Bernie and the girls: Pat, Nancy and Margaret.
Bernie's namesake, grandson Bernie Caloroso, took this photo of the house where Bernie Mayer was born in Oakland on February 3, 1913.
As a young boy, Bernie would travel to Sacramento to visit his aunt and cousins. Fishing was a favorite pastime.
Bernie played semi-pro baseball for the Cincinnati Reds farm team, the Bisbee Bees, in the late 1930's. They played the Tucson Cowboys (at this stadium) and others. The sign is held by Sydney and Holden Caskenette- children of Bernie's granddaughter Kirsten.
Bernie was a sailor in the Navy during World War II. He was stationed near Washington D.C. Photo taken by Keric Ashley, son-in-law.
Bernie Caloroso shows us the street where Bernie and Dorothy bought their first house in San Lorenzo.
Lizzie Weiland found the house where Bernie and Dorothy lived when her mom (Pat) and her 2 little sisters were young.
Brayton Street was where the Mayer family lived from the late 1950's through the 1990''s. Bernie shows us the house now.
The Mayers took many day trips and mini-vacations. Sometimes they would visit the state capitol.
At one time Bernie owned and managed a bakery in the Big Top Market in Hayward, Lizzie and Bernie tracked down the location, which is now a big retail store.
Caspers Hot Dogs was a favorite treat for Bernie. He took 2 generations of Mayers to this Hayward restaurant.
Bernie owned and managed a shop on Park Street in Alameda in the early 1960's. Thanks to Fran Gibson for the photo!
Another favorite haunt of Bernie's was this Italian restaurant in Hayward. He introduced it to the next two generations of Mayers as well.
Bernie visited Portland many times over the years to see Pat and her family. Pat and her son Mike point out some of the places where he had been.
Mike Egan shows us a memorial Bernie had visited.
Pat Weiland and Mike Egan found a submarine that may have been similar to those that Bernie knew during WWII.
Liz Wolfe and Henry Gregory visited Bernie's former workplace in Menlo Park.
Daughters Nancy Driesbock and Jan Mayer tracked down the Bisbee ball park where Bernie played as a Bisbee Bee.
Keric and Taylor Ashley located some San Diego sites that Bernie would have seen when he was training for the Navy in San Diego.